• Remote data transmission
  • Electronic data transfer
  • Direct processing of the formats "Eagle", "Target" and "Sprint-Layout"
  • Processing of dxf format with space-filling function for high precision mapping with manageable quantities of data
  • Processing of ODB++ (extended Gerber format)
  • High-precision laser grid plotter (Gerber Systems)
  • Equalisation of the screening on the laser plotter for straight edges
  • CAM station multi-functional
  • Flexible working formats for your optimum production panel

  • CNC-controlled drilling, milling and scoring machines for maximum quality requirements
  • Monitoring of drilling accuracy with lasers (concentricity, drill bit diameter, bit breakage)
  • Positioning via digital camera for minimum deviations of drill holes from the conductor pattern

  • Multilayer up to 12 layers
  • Blind multilayer in board technology
  • Blind, buried vias
  • Maximum precision of the layers compared with each other thanks to four slot system

  • Use of photo printing technique for high accuracy of the solder resist and very good resolution of the PCB assembly
  • Processing of via filler pastes for closed surfaces and thermal pastes for increased heat dissipation
  • Printing of carbon conductive lacquer for contact surfaces

  • Highly ductile separated copper layers
  • Copper precipitation free of internal stresses, therefore no crazing and high conductivity
  • Resistant under extreme conditions thanks to nickel undercoat
  • Special structures of metal layers possible thanks to flexible set-up

Quality management:
  • Documented production with order process list
  • Regular checking of processes
  • Continual monitoring of relevant process parameters
  • Consultation with the customer for layout questions
  • Visual inspection with AOI Quins Easy
  • Electrical test with needle tester or according to netlist with finger tester
  • UL-listed, file no.: E146038

  • Etching of the PCBs in closed system with copper recovery
  • Effective water-saving spray-rinsing technology in electroplating
  • Waste water treatment
  • Complete recycling of residues
  • Closed cleaning systems