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Founded in 1977 by Roland Häfele in Schriesheim on the Bergstraße, Häfele PCB technology is a supplier of high quality sample and small series PCBs. Roland Häfele, with his staff of approximately 20, has always remained true to the philosophy of concentrating on customer requirements, keeping in step with technological advances and at the same time finding innovative solutions.

In 1992, Roland Häfele was able to open the new production facilities at the Aulendorf site, where new multi-layer technologies, CAMdata processing and modern drilling machines are based.

Häfele PCBs are used in numerous applications, for example in aerospace engineering, medical engineering, sensor technology or automation.

Over the last few years Häfele has also established itself in the field of HF technology.
Roland Häfele was involved in numerous new high-tech developments.

Experience was also gained and research projects were supported in the area of satellite and antenna technologies.

Up to 2010, all wet processes were carried out both in Schriesheim and in Aulendorf. The economic crisis and technological changes then led to the decision to concentrate all production at the Aulendorf site.

Häfele has defied all economic and political inequities on the world market with its entrepreneurial vision and willingness to take risks, so that in 2011 he can pass on his life's work to his successors, who have also played a significant role in the development of the Häfele company for many years.

Roland Häfele will remain at the disposal of his successors as a senior advisor -customers and employees will also continue to benefit from his wealth of experience in the future.